The Industry’s only Customer Relationship Management solution built exclusively by business brokerage principals.

BIZBROKERCRM Commercial Open Source Architecture provides:

  • OWN YOUR OWN application in the cloud- control your own destiny.
  • Guaranteed data privacy via dedicated virtual servers.
  • Guaranteed business continuity in the event of natural disasters via full database backups.
  • Completely hosted solution for your entire office’s data management needs without the need for dedicated IT resources.
  • Ease of access away from the office via laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones..
  • Easily customizable menus, features, functions, and workflows according to custom business rules.
  • Easy integration with office applications already in use to access emails, contacts, and calendars with Plugins for Outlook, Gmail, Exchange, and more.
  • Easy import of contacts, leads, businesses, and listings via .csv files.
  • Guaranteed portability of company data and ALL activity history (emails, events, documents, and campaigns)

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