The principals of the BIZBROKERCRM application have more than 35 years of combined industry experience as individual business brokers, business brokerage office owners, executive officers of franchised business brokerage brands, and IBBA officers and fellows.  The company’s product requirements and launchpad implementation began in 2010 in the Fayetteville, AR offices of CBI+Team.  With office locations in Arkansas, Missouri, Colorado, Minnesota, and Oklahoma, CBI+TEam was a logical choice to pilot the BIZBROKERCRM application in a distributed environment.  CBI+Team (using a private-label version called B.R.I.M) continues to serve as a test lab for new features and functions and maintains a leadership position on the Technology Advisory Council to prioritize the daunting list of requested changes and/or enhancements for the benefit of all company clients.Want to know more?

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