I am Speechless!

I had looked at so many so called CRM’s that could be adapted for business broking and I actually found one where I am actually talking with someone who knows what they are talking about! Now I know anything is possible.

I thought I would take the initiative and make some lists of the fields I thought I would need in the CRM for the structure of my business – so I did so knowing that there would be some changes etc. but pretty much I thought had 90 % identified. So I sent that to you expecting a wide variation in whatever your CRM had and what I needed in terms of fields.

BUT I hadn’t looked at the composition of the web site pages for leads etc. When I did that and have just started to look and I can’t believe my eyes!!! You have it pretty much there already!!! Unbelievable . I am literally shocked !!!

So I can now go back and back track and revisit what you have and what my preliminary thoughts were and match them.

I really don’t know what to say – I am speechless. Blown me away!

Jeff Burēsugādoru (ブレースガードル) RE/MAX