XpandCRM develops community-specific CRM solutions across a number of vertical markets including financial services, retail and service-based franchises, business brokerage, managed employee wellness, restaurants and food service industries.  The open-source platform manages all aspects of Sales Automation, Lead and Pipeline Management, Email and Campaign Management, Document and Contract Maintenance, Customer Support & Self Service Portal integration, Inventory Management, Mobile Application extensions, and Quickbooks interfaces.  XpandCRM begins each implementation with a detailed process mapping of each client’s unique business processes and legacy technologies, before the implementation process begins. This company insists on close collaboration with rank and file employees as well as Executive sponsors to produce the best possible solution sets and unparalleled user adoption.  The company’s most mature solution, www.BIZBROKERCRM.com , has been in use since 2011, and has a client base that stretches across the U.S. and Asia PAC.

 “If you give people something that is efficient, easy to learn and has built in workflows, they won’t need to find workarounds to using the platform for maximum efficiency. Make it “sticky,” invest heavily in user education and change management with clearly demonstrable savings in time and workload, and brokers won’t feel the need to reinvent the process outside of the system.” ” –

Michael Auten, President and Founder